Areas/Points of Interest

Newark, like every other city is made up of different areas. The list to the left are links to the various areas of Newark. Some of these areas still exist and some are long gone.

Boatman's Lot Great Boiling Spring Lyon's Farms Schmerkaese County
(The Old) Burying Ground Green Island Magnolia Swamp Stumptown
City Dock Hallow (West Newark) Manhattan Park Training Place
Clinton Township Hawthorne Hill Meadows Vailsburg
Divident Hill Hill Section Mill Lot Washington's Headquarters
Down Neck Indian Corner Murphytown Watering Place
Downtown Ironbound North Newark Waverly
Elder's Lot (The) Island Port Newark Weequahic
First Mill Ivy Hill Roseville Wolf's Harbor
Forest Hill Keogh's Hole (The) Saw & The Staircase images Woodside
Four Corners Landing Place Seventy-Seven Steps  
Frog Pond Lower Common Silver Lake  


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