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St. Michael's Hospital

304-306 High Street
268 Martin Luther King Blvd
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Opened in 1865, Incorporated on March 9, 1871 - Presently Active

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From the 1893 Newark City Directory:

        300 Beds, open to all, without distinction of race or color. In charge of Sisters of the poor of St. Francis, Sister Perpetua, Superior and twenty-three Sisters

        Saint Michael's Hospital was incorporated by the Sister of the Poor of Saint Francis, a Catholic order, in 1871.  The original hospital was in rented quarters at 69 Bleecker Street.  The present site at Central Avenue and Martin Luther King Blvd. (High Street) was acquired in 1869.  Money for the building of this facility was raised through a general subscription in the Catholic Churches of Newark.  The Catholic community met the challenge and in 1871 the hospital building was built.  During the building of the hospital, patients were treated in the house and stable on the lot.  After completion, three outpatient clinics were added, one for eye and ear diseases, one for the treatment of diseases of the throat and chest, and one for skin diseases.  The hospital was an overwhelming success with people needed to be turned away.  

        A controversy occurred when the Catholic Church asked the Common Council of Newark to appropriate ten thousand dollars to the hospital.  The reigning newspaper of the times, the Newark Daily Advertiser, opposed the appropriation on the grounds that the Constitution forbade public aid to any religion.  The newspaper stated that although the hospital was opened to all, it had the ability to propagate the Catholic religion to its patients.  The Common Council of Newark agreed and the measure was defeated.  

On a side note, this is the hospital the Old Newark webmaster was born in.

Books used for this page:
"Newark, the Nation's Unhealthiest City 1832 - 1895"
by Stuart Galishoff


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