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Maps of Newark

1614 Area map of North Eastern New Jersey Map from Charles McGrath
1666 Newark, includes the lots of the first residents Old Newark
Photo Archives
1666 Newark, showing today's streets Old Newark
Photo Archives
1666 to 1916 1916 Newark and vicinity showing purchases and annexations Rutgers Special Collections
~1670 Newark, lot's of the first settlers. (partial map) Map from Charles McGrath
1682 East Jersey
(including Newark, Elizabeth, Woodbridge & Piscataway Townships) 
Map from Charles McGrath
1710 Newark Township
Map from Charles McGrath
1700's and early 1800's Vailsburg  Map from Charles McGrath
1747 Newark & Vicinity Map from Charles McGrath
1764 Ball Map of the Newark Mountain Purchase Claim Map from William Johnson
1806 Newark Old Newark
Photo Archives
1808 Newark Old Newark
Photo Archives
1836 Newark
(Large, 523kb, 11x15)
Map from Charles McGrath
1849 Woodside Old Newark
Photo Archives
1850 Newark, west to first mountain
(Large, 854kb, 16x12)
Map from Charles McGrath
1850 Livingston
(Large, 363kb)
Map from William Johnson
1851 Newark's 5th Ward Rutgers Special Collections
1853 Newark Old Newark
Photo Archives
1853 Newark (large file) Rutgers Special Collections
1872 Essex County
(Streets shown but not labeled)
Map from Charles McGrath
1872 Newark Rutgers Special Collections
1874 Newark Library of Congress
1881 Newark Rutgers Special Collections
1881 Vailsburg (with legend) Map from Charles McGrath
1885 Newark Rutgers Special Collections
1890 Newark Rutgers Special Collections
1891 Essex County topographical map
(large 951kb)
Map from Charles McGrath
1892 Old Burying Ground Rutgers Special Collections
1895 Newark, Harrison, Kearney Library of Congress
1900 Newark, West Side Park Plan Library of Congress
1900's North Newark Image from Lonna Doyle
1904 Vailsburg 

(along So. Orange Ave. from Isabella to Clinton Street, showing Alexander Street School, German Zion Church & West End Hose Co. #2)
Map from Charles McGrath
1904 Newark (5 parts) Old Newark
Photo Archives
1904 Newark (1 piece map) Rutgers Special Collections
1910 Newark Map of Nationalities Image from Lonna Doyle
1915 Newark Rutgers Special Collections
1916 Newark Library of Congress
1938 Newark Rutgers Geography Department
1944 Newark Rutgers Geography Department
1966 Downtown Newark  Old Newark
Photo Archives
1995 Vailsburg - NASA image Image from Saul M. Caro
1995 Old Third Ward - NASA image
(269 kb)
Old Newark
Photo Archives



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