Aaron Baldwin's Homestead

755 South Orange Avenue


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From Charles McGrath:

Washington Stayed Here. There is a tradition that Washington and some of his men stayed here during the Revolution, in 1780 A.D. (Battle of Springfield). Aaron Baldwin owned this property and willed it to his son Joel. The map at that time, dated September 7,1797 A.D., showed the old house on South Orange Avenue, which at that time made a north-east turn near what is now Munn Avenue. The road was much higher than it is now. South Orange Avenue is referred to as "The Road "and Munn Avenue as " the road running from the main road to North Orange."

In my research I came across this house many times. This area was also called "Dogs Misery ". The house was probably built prior to 1717 A.D. Aaron Baldwin owned slaves (slaves in Vailsburg). Unfortunately this house was demolished in circa 1960 and replaced by Kravet's Pharmacy. A child care center now occupies the site located on the northeast corner of Chelsea and South Orange Avenues.