From "Newark and Its Leading Businessmen" 1891:

The Passaic River is spanned at Newark by eight bridges, five of which belong to the railroads, the others being exclusively for vehicles and pedestrians.  Two of the five railroad bridges have accommodations for pedestrians also, so that there are really five bridges that can be used for foot travel.  With two exceptions, all these bridges are handsome and substantial iron structures, on which large sums of money have been expended.  Of the three bridges devoted to public travel, two are the joint property of the counties of Essex and Hudson, and one is the property of a private corporation, which still exacts a toll for crossing it.  Of the railroad bridges, the Pennsylvania Railroad Company has two, and the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, Erie and New York and Greenwood Lake compa

Arch Bridge Erie Railroad Bridge Pennsylvania Railroad Centre Street Bridge Stickel/Passaic Avenue/Rt 280 Bridge
Bridge Street Bridge Jackson Street Bridge Pennsylvania Railroad Market Street Bridge Stone Bridge
Clay Street Bridge Newark Bay Bridge Plank Road Bridge  
DL&W Railroad Bridge Newark Free Bridge Pulaski Skyway  


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