Passaic River


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Newspaper Articles

American Architect & Building News 1881 Vol 9
American Architect & Building News 1882
September 29, 1907 - Blackness in the Air Near Passaic River

Books about the Passaic River:

A Common Tragedy
History of an Urban River
by: Timothy J. Iannuzzi, David F. Ludwig, Jason C. Kinnell, Jennifer M. Wallin, William H. Desvousges, & Richard W. Dunford
Copyright 2002 by Amherst Scientific Publishers

Early in Newark's history, the Passaic River was the source of some of the cities water. It was also used for boating, swimming and fishing. The river's inlets yielded crabs and shrimps while the deeper waters were used for fishing for perch, pickerel, shad, smelt and bass. The shad were quite popular and were served in the cities better restaurants. The homes of Newark's most prominent families were built upstream from the piers which were used for commerce. Exclusive boat clubs lined the river, which was used for their regattas.

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