Grand Division Sons of Temperance of New Jersey/
Temperance Benevolent Society


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Chapter Address Start Finish
Beacon Light Division No. 208 Market Street c. Mulberry Street <1893>  
Golden Gate Division No. 241 82 Belleville Ave. <1893>  
Good Will Division No. 229 Seventh Ave. & Garside Street <1893>  
Searles Division No. 31 194 Market Street <1893>  
Select Division No. 237 177 Halsey Street <1893>  
St. Augustine Sussex Ave. c. Jay Street <1893>  
St. James Madison c. Lafayette St. <1893>  
St. John's 33 Mulberry Street <1893>  
St. John's Union 34 Mulberry Street <1893>  
St. Patrick's 66 Central Ave. <1893>  
Union Division No. 169 Broad Street c. Market Street <1893>  
United Division Soldiers' Home Wood & Seventh Ave <1893>  
Western Light Division No. 247 South Sixth Street c. South Orange Ave. <1893>  
Young Men's Father Matthew 280 Warren Street <1893>