Four Corners
Traffic Tower

Broad & Market Streets



The Tower in Crest Haven Cemetery

From Charles McGrath:

My father, Charles A. McGrath, was a Newark Policeman (from 1927-1959) and he knew just about everyone. The people he didn't know knew him. I have attached a few pictures of him. The older ones were from 1927. He was a traffic officer on Academy and Washington Streets. The most recent picture was taken in 1959 with City Hall in the background.

One of his many jobs in the early portion of his career was traffic duty at Broad and Market Streets. At that time, the Traffic Control Tower was functional. Nat Bodian wrote an excellent in article on the Tower (see his recollections); therefore, I don't want to be redundant. Back in 1998 I tracked down the Tower in Crest Haven Cemetery in Passaic. It brought back a lot of warm memories for me. The stone base is not the original, but the rest of the Tower is original. It is in excellent condition . The only thing missing is the traffic officer sitting inside of it.