Newark Pionier



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From "Essex County, NJ, Illustrated 1897":

This paper, a German Weekly, was founded in 1885 by the Pionier Publishing Company, and from its start Mr. Francis E. Adler, the present editor and publisher, became Editor and Business Manager. In 1887, the Pionier Publishing Company dissolved, and the paper became the property of F. D. Alder & Co., who have successfully published the same for eleven years. The Pionier is strictly a family paper and circulates especially among the old German residents of the City of Newark, and State of New Jersey, and enjoys in a marked degree, the patronage of business people.

The senior publisher and editor, Mr. F. E. Adler is the oldest practical German printer in the State of New Jersey. Mr. Adler is a jovial, kind-hearted man, justly popular with all classes of the truly cosmopolitan population of Newark, but has never been induced to accept public office of any kind. He was born in the Grand Duchy of Baden, and emigrated to this country in July 1850, after he had taken part in the revolutionary war of 1849, when quite a boy. He took refuge in France with a large number of comrades after the revolutionary movement had been suppressed by the Prussian army under the command of the Crown Prince of Prussia, the late Emperor William I, of Germany.