Thousands Throng Weequahic Park and See Two World's Records Fall
Peter Manning Establishes New Record for Three-fourths Mile — Peter Bean Breaks Long Standing Two-mile Record to Saddle
By Paul R. Carr

NEWARK, N. J., Oct. 22. - 1927 A PERFECT October day with air crisp, but not chill, and plenty of sunshine made Weequahic Park a glorious setting for one of the greatest days of unadulterated sport ever seen today. Everything combined towards the success of the Road Horse Association's Gala Day. Three of the great racing stables of the country, the Arden Homestead Stable, the Good Time Stable and the Hanover Shoe Stable, co¬operated with the amateurs to produce a memor¬able day. The public showed its approval by its attendance, the total number watching the events being variously estimated between 25,000 and 40,000. When the first matinee racing started at 10:30 in the morning several thou¬sands were on hand, and by 2 o'clock they had swelled to a crowd that crammed the large grandstand and occupied most of the space on the low hills encircling the track.

Besides the patronage of the general public, horsemen from a half dozen states attended, and it was undoubtedly the greatest single day's get-together for them of the year. The horses shown included several that would be considered as the most valuable alive, including Peter Man¬ning 1:563/4, Fireglow (2) 2:04, Guy Ozark (4) 2:021/4, Sam Williams 2:021/4, Hazleton (4) 2:013/4, Peter Etawah 2:033/4, Nescopec (3) 2:0654, Double Cross (2) 2:073/4, Ace High (3) 2:031/4, Mazie Brooke (3) 2:111/4, Isonta (3) 2:081/4, and Peter Bean 2:091/2.

While some of the stars were not driven fast miles two world's records were produced dur¬ing the afternoon. Peter Manning, driven by Tom Berry, went a terrific three-quarters to lower his own world's record for that distance to 1:331/4. The track was not as fast as it was three years ago when the champion went a mile here in 2:031/2 and his time was very creditable.

The other record to fall was one of 64 years' standing—the two-mile trotting record to saddle. Back in 1863 George M. Patchen made the dis¬tance in 4:56, but today Peter Bean, ridden by "Bill" Young, trotted in 4:531/4. It was a fine example of the versatility of a trotter, for later in the day Peter competed to harness in the free-for-all trot.

The other miles at speed by Guy Ozark and Peter Etawah were simply exhibitions. Guy Ozark did not care much for the footing but trotted a very creditable mile alone in 2:11, with the last quarter in 311/2 seconds, driven by Will Dickerson. Peter Etawah, accompanied by a runner and driven by Tom Berry, his former trainer, accomplished a mile in 2:091/4. and that after going two winning heats in a matinee event.

The four stars from the Good Time Stable— Fireglow, Hazleton, Sam Williams and Nesco¬pec—were not shown at speed as they have been let down, but Walter Cox jogged them around and showed the crowd a quartet that has been racing hard all season of which every member looks as though it had been in the pasture all summer. Both Hazleton and Sam Williams are fat and as healthy looking as could be wished for, while the champion Fireglow is also in splendid physical condition.

The Road Horse Association of New Jersey presented trophies to the Good Time, Arden Homestead and Hanover Shoe Stables for their co-operation in making the day a success. Messrs. Sheppard and Berry of the Hanover Shoe Stable, Cane and Cox of the Good Time Stable and Mr. Dickerson representing the Ar¬den Homestead Stable, were all called out in front of the grandstand and publicly praised for their support by Secretary Beldon, who feelingly referred to the generous way the professional end of harness racing has co-operated with the amateur branch.

The matinee racing started at 10:30 in the morning and was not completed until nearly five. There were no halts, something was doing every minute of the time. In all 10 amateur events were raced, of which two went to visiting horses. Besides the drafts from the Grand Circuit stables the Road Horse Association's amateur brethren from Boston and Mineola were represented by several starters and each of the visit¬ing clubs took home a winner's cup.

The 2:30 class was the opening event. At first it looked as though W. J. McDonald would take the silver flower basket home to Boston with Atlantic Belle, but the three-year-old, Miss Otella, began trotting in the second heat and won for H. E. Bray. Arion Maxey won the 2:24 class after a hard battle with Baron Knight, but Dr. Bodenweiser made up for his loss of this event by teaming Mabel Tramp to a straight-heat victory in the 2:19 class.

The first speed of the day was exhibited in the 2:12 pace, which had four starters, repre¬senting three clubs. The winner was W. J. McDonald's Albia Maxey, which paced two heats in 2:13 and 2:131/4 in beating Margaret Napoleon from the Nassau Driving Club. The largest field of the day came out in the 2:17 class, but George W. Edmonston's Sister Volo had an edge on her field. W. J. McDonald's Miss Princess made a game try for the second heat but broke near the wire.

Mazie Brooke, J. W. Van Buskirk's three-year-old filly, gave evidence as to why she is the club champion for that age by winning the colt trot from Double Cross and Isonta, two speedsters from the Hanover Shoe Farms. In the free-for-all pace Peter Etawah, for several years the Newark club's champion pacer, met his younger rival, the three-year-old, Ace High. The latter, driven by his owner, M. I. Aronson, showed some flashes of speed but made several breaks in each mile. He finished the first heat very fast, after being well behind, but could not catch Peter, which Bert Boylan was teaming ably.

The fastest trotting events, the free-for-all and the 2:15, closed the program, and each pro¬vided some interesting sport. The Ripples, from the Nassau Driving Club and owned by Dor-wood Farm of Manhasset, N. Y., captured the free-for-all. Guy Henry and the mare finished like a team in the first heat, but she was a nose to the good. In the final Guy went away badly and Woodrow L. furnished the opposition but broke in the stretch. Will Strang won the 2:15 class with his four-year-old, Peter Hayes, which trotted the last mile in 2:121/4, A very creditable exhibition.

The committee in charge of the affair, consisting of George T. James, chairman, J. M. Beldon, A. R. Boylan and D. J. Knight, deserves commendation for the way in which the affair was handled. The usual slip-ups were cut to a minimum. The absence of Guy McKinney 2:01 was unavoidable as Guy is still at Lexington, waiting for a good track and good weather to go after his record. If weather permits he will be brought to Weequahic Park within the next two weeks so that the Newarkers may see him.

Oct. 22.—2:30 Class. Prizes.

Miss Otella, rof, by J. Mal. Forbes - (Bray) 6 1 1
Atlantic Belle, by San Francisco - (McDonald) 1 3 2
Colorado I., bc, by Directum I. - (Hay) 2 2 3
Fanny Silk, bm, by Bingen Silk - (Van Blarcom) 3 4 6
Patsy Brooke, 4-5-4; Atlantic Forbes, 5-6-5.
Time—2:26, 2:241/2, 2:221/2.

2:24 Class. Prizes.
Arion Maxey, bg, by Judge Maxey - (Wade) 1 2 1
Baron Knight, by Baron Bond - (Bodenweiser) 2 1 2
Crescent Dillon, by Dillon Range - (Goldsmith) 5 3 3
Baby May, bm, by Gen. May - (Boylan) 3 7 6
Marching Peter, 4-4-7; Confidence, 7-5-4;
Proctor, 6-6-5.
Time—2:231/2, 2:201/4, 2:181/4.

2:19 Class. Prizes.
Mabel Tramp, rom, by The Tramp (Bodenweiser) 1 1
Dixie Lassie, brf, by Peter Volo (Wade) 2 2
Naebody, bg, by Etawah (Boylan) 3 3
Sheriff Stout, bg, by El Canto (Strang) 4 4
Hollyrood Alec, 5-5; Trackstar, 6-6.
Time—2:173/4, 2:221/4.

2:12 Pace. Prizes.
Albia Maxey, bm, by Judge Maxey (McDonald) 1 1
Margaret Napoleon, by Napoleon Direct (Looney) 2 2
Margaret Truckey, by Hedgewood Boy (Edmonston) 3 3
Kipling, bg, by Belwin (ReCorr) 4 4
Time—2:13, 2:131/4.

2:17 Class. Prizes.
Sister Volo, bm, by Peter Volo (Edmonston) 1 1
Miss Princess, bm, by The Exponent (McDonald) 3 2
Peter Kop, chg, by Chestnut Peter (Strang) 2 7
Marie Guy, bm, by Guy Axworthy (Smith) 4 3
Lilac, 7-4; Jim Dale, 5-6; Bonnie Sue, 8-5;
Carter Silk, 6-8.
Time—2:163/4, 2:163/4.

Three- and Four-year-old Trot. Prizes.
Mazie Brooke, by Justice Brooke (Van Buskirk) 1 1
Double Cross, bm, by Dillon Volo (Berry) 2 2
Isonta, bf, by Dillon Axworthy (Wise) 3 3
Time—2:201/2, 2:143/4.

Free-for-all Pace, Prizes,
Peter Etawah, bg, by Etawah (Boylan) 1 1
Ace High, bg, by Peter Volo (Aronson) 2 2
Time—2:101/2, 2:10.

Free-for-all Trot. Prizes.
The Ripples, rom, by Peter the Great (Robley) 1 1
Woodrow L., blg, by Wilbur Lou (ReCorr) 3 2
Guy Henry, bg, by Guy Axworthy (Strang) 2 5
Maryland Girl, chm, by Peter Hamlin (Kennedy) 5 3
Peter Bean, bg, by Peter Montgomery (Bray) 4 4
Time—2:123/4, 2:151/2.

2:15 Class. Prizes,
Peter Hayes, bg, by Chestnut Peter (Strang) 1 1
Myra Guy, bm, by Guy Axworthy (Morris) 2 2
Colorado Brooke, bg, by Justice Brooke (Hay) 7 3
Duet, bg, by Etawah (Rawson) 3 7
Dewey the Great, 5-4; Victory Loan, 4-5;
Hollyrood Mac, 6-6.
Time—2:151/4, 2:121/4.

To Beat 1:333/4, Trotting, (3/4-mile.)
Peter Manning, bg, by Azoff (Berry) Wort
Time 1/4 1/2 3/4
:30l/2 1:02 1:331/4

To Beat 4:56, Trotting to Saddle. (2 miles.)
Peter Bean, bg, by Peter Montgomery (Young) 4:531/4

Exhibition Mile, Trotting. Guy Ozark, bg,
by Guy Axworthy (Dickerson) 2:11

Exhibition Mile, Pacing,
Peter Etawah, bg, by Etawah (Berry) 2:091//4

PETER BEAN 2:091/2
The new holder of the world's record for two miles under saddle, as he appeared in action at Weequahic Park, Newark, N. J., Saturday last.

A Few Snaps on Newark's Gala Day