Full Slate Nominated at Newark

NEWARK, N. J., Jan. 14. 1928- THE nominating committee of the Road Horse Association of New Jersey has presented its report, containing the full slate of officers for the coming season. President Daniel J. Knight was renominated. The rest of the slate consists of Harry E. Wade, John W. Van Buskirk and M. I. Aronson, vicepresidents; Ernest C. Lum, counsel; Albert R. Boylan, treasurer; James M. Beldon, secretary; and the following directors: John O. Stearns, James Burns, Walter D. Gulick, Frank J. Schmieder, Theodore Maxfield, George T. James, Barton M. Tunis, George W. Edmonston, Herbert E. Bray, John A. Lawrence, William S. Meek, J. J. Morris, James P. Kennedy, William 1). Blood, and Frank M. Francisco.

It is the custom of the Road Horse Association to replace all officers that have not been regular attendants at the monthly meetings, no matter how valued they may be in other respects. Messrs. Aronson, Lum, Morris, Kennedy, Blood and Francisco are new members of the official family. The selections of the nominating committee will be ratified at the annual meeting, to be held February 6.