From the Dec 16, 1942 Harness Horse magazine (defunct).
"Road Horse Association of NJ" (aka Gentleman's Driving Club).
Courtesy of Don Daniels

THE ROAD HORSE ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY, is the oldest active, continuous, Matinee Association in the United States. It has been a going organization for more than forty years, without a single years exception. Its continuous success is naturally founded on being well officered throughout its lengthy rein as a Matinee or fun horse club. It enjoys many advantages, first, as regards the population and location from which it is able to draw members. To the harness horse associates, the home of the R. H. A. of N. J., is approximately ten miles from the public library in New York City, in the environs of the city of Newark, N. J. The site of the track where the weekly matinees are held was originally known as Waverly Park, but in recent years has been called Weequahic Park, a very large one, beautifully landscaped making it one of the most inviting in the Metropolitan District of New York. The track, naturally an excellent half-mile pattern has been taken in charge in recent years by the Commissioners of the City of Newark, who have taken pride in keeping the track in superb order, whether they have been active harness horsemen, or otherwise. It is probably due to this fact that Weequahic Park Park track has since it was resoiled a short time ago, been rated and proven by World's record miles over it, to to be one of the best in use at the present time. There a is a small, but well located Club House adjacent to the track, so with an assurance of weekly matinees from the opening of the season consistently Memorial Day, May 30, until the close of the matinee season which has been tentatively fixed for election day each year, a member for the small sum of $5.00 for his annual membership may enjoy good racing, and his one best pleasure in association with kindred harness horse loving spirits.

There is ample stabling of the best qualify for more than one hundred horses, the weekly matinee program affording owners and trainers opportunities to school their horses of all ages in regular matinee races which at times are vigorously contested. This convenience has been the medium in recent years for trainers bringing their stables to Weequahic Park, where they are enabled to take advantage of the matinee races to help school their colts.

It would be a difficult matter to give a complete list of noted colts that received their early training and race schooling at Weequahic Park, as a start to greater fame in professional races. Probably the leading instance of a colt's development at Weequahic is that of Dean Hanover 3, 1:581/2 selected at a New York Sale by Herman Tyson for his friend and patron H. Stacy Smith a prominent Newark member of the club. Dean Hanover after limited training at Pinehurst was brought to Newark to complete his two-year-old conditioning. So kindly did he take to the track. that as a finale to his great two-year-old year he was started on October 12 in a matinee event trotting a marvelous mile in 2:05, setting a record that is still in force among present day World's record miles. Other good colt trotters starting their career at Newark are Freckles 3, 2:041/4 and others of that era.

The past season has been no exception as regards good colts being developed in the R. H. A. of N. J., Matinees. W. E. Miller well known Washington, D. C. Amateur Owner Trainer shipped his stable to Weequahic to take advantage of a fast track and race experience for his stable. He won with the aged trotter Symbol Gantle in Gantle in 2:061/4 as early as June 20. And on the same date he won with the two-year-old trotting filly, Scarlet Hanover in Hanover in 2:09, believed to be the fastest mile ever to the credit of a two-year-old trotter at so early a date. Willy Hope owned by Angelo Munzo of nearby Patterson, N. J., finished his training at Weequahic Park, lowering his record later to 2:041/2, which Is also true of Hollyrood Garnett 2:031/4.

Likely as fine an example of the advantages of training and matineeing in the R. H. A. of N. J. Matinees of the past season has been that of the two-year-old trotter, Oxford Hanover 2, 2:101/2 by Lawrence Hanover 3, 2:003/4 very cleverly developed info a perfect race fool by Sam Caton, now a Weequahic Park resident trainer. With a good track to develop the colt's speed over trainer Caton made a finished race colt of him giving him a record of 2:101/2, in a Weequahic Park, matinee event. Another case of clever development of a two-year-old trotter was Warren Holmes and the consistent two-year old trotting filly Collette Hanover 2, 2:15 by Calumet Chuck one of the most consistent two-year-old trotters seen on half-mile tracks in 1942 which trainer Holmes worked on half-mile tracks over the Goshen, N. Y., half-mile track.

There were There were 77 matinee races at Weequahic Park during the past the season with many horses taking new records a partial partial list including Daylee 2:061/2, Hollyrood Garnett 2:0161/4, Graceful Lady 2:08, The Virginian 2:09, Wanita Frisco 2:10, Oxford Hanover 2, 2:101/2, Wallace Hanover 2:101/2, Hollyrood Hesper 2:11, Helen Dear 3 2:121/2, etc. Among the pacers to take creditable records were His Frisco 2:103/4, Bright Spot 2:123/4, Nadia Abbey 3, 2:131/4, Helen Cash 2, 2:14, etc. The officials of the R. H. A. of N. J. are Thomas G. Leonard president; Major W. M. Halsted, secretary, and Theodore Maxfield, Starting Judge.