National & State Registers of Historic Places

Original Use Current Use
(if different)
Built Address
Ballantine Mansion Newark Museum 1884 43 Washington St.
Belleville Ave. Congregational Church Clinton Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church 1874 151 Broadway
Borglum Sculptures
Seated Lincoln
  1911 Essex County Courthouse
Borglum Sculptures
Indian & Puritan
  1916 Washington Park
Borglum Sculptures
Wars of America
  1926 Military Park
Branch Brook Park   1895  
Brewster Hangar, old Admin. Building   1930's Newark Airport
Christ Episcopal Church office building 1850 76 Prospect Street
City Hall   1906 920 Broad Street
Clark Mansion North Ward Center 1880 346 Mt. Prospect Ave.
Coe House   1871 698 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Essex Club New Jersey Historical Society 1926 52 Park Place
Essex County Courthouse   1906 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. & West Market Street
Essex County Jail Abandoned 1837- 1895 New & Newark Streets
Essex County Park Commission   1916 115 Clifton Ave.
Evergreen Cemetery   1853 1137 N. Broad Street, Hillside, Elizabeth
Feigenspan Mansion   1905 710 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Female Charitable Society Newark Day Center 1886 305 Halsey Street
Firemen's Insurance Co. office Building 1928 10 Park Place
First Baptist/Peddie Memorial Church   1890 572 Broad Street
First Reformed Church Igelsia Roca de Salvacion 1873 27 Lincoln Park
Forest Hill Historic District     all or part of 55 block bounded by Branch Brook Park; Heller Parkway; DeGraw, Verona, Clifton, Elwood, 2nd & Mt. Prospect Aves.
Four Corners Historic District     all or part of 27 blocks bounded roughly by Raymond Blvd., Mulberry St., Edison Place; Broad, Hill, Washington & Market Streets; University Ave.
Grace Episcopal Church   1848 950 Broad Street
Griffith Building vacant 1827 605 Broad Street
Hahne & Co. ? 1901 609 Broad Street
High Street Presbyterian St. James A. M. E. Church 1852 588 King Blvd.
House of Prayer Episcopal Church   1850 401 Broad Street
James Street Commons Historic District     21 blocks, Including all or Washington Park & portions of Broad, Orange, James Bleeker, Summit, Halsey, Washington, New, Linden, Warren, Burnet & Eagles Streets; Central and University Aves.; King Blvd.
Krueger Mansion Scott Civic Center (undergoing renovations) 1889 601 King Blvd.
Lackawanna Railroad Station   1903 Broad St. & University Ave.
Lincoln Park Historic District     all or part of 10 blocks, including Lincoln & Clinton Parks, and portions of Broad, Spruce & Washington Streets, Clinton & Pennsylvania Aves.
Lyons Farms Schoolhouse   1784 originally at Chancellor & Elizabeth Aves, now in Newark Museum garden, 43 Washington St.
Mosque Theater Symphony Hall 1925 1020 Broad Street
Mount Pleasant Cemetery   1844 375 Broadway
Murphy Varnish Co. ? 1890 McWhorter & Chestnut Streets
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. nursing home 1927 300 Broadway
National State Bank   1912 810 Broad Street
Newark Orphan Asylum Eberhardt Hall
1857 323 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
North Broad St. Historic District (rowhouses) 1890's 136 - 148 Broad Street
North Reformed Church   1859-1868 510 Broad Street
Oheb Shalom Synagogue Metropolitan Baptist Church/Greater Newark Conservancy 1884 32 Prince Street
Old First Presbyterian Church   1791 820 Broad Street
Pennsylvania Railroad Station   1937 Raymond Blvd, Market Street.
Plume House House of Prayer Rectory 1725 407 Broad Street
Protestant Foster Home Youth Consultation Service 1875 284 Broadway
Riverbank Park   1907-1931 Raymond Blvd., Market & Van Buren Streets
Sacred Heart Cathedral Basilica   1898-1954 Clifton & Victoria Avenues
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church   1864 W. Market Street & Sussex Avenue
St. Casimir's R. C. Church   1920 91 Pulaski Street
St. Columba's R. C. Church   1871 Pennsylvania Ave. & Brunswick Street
St. Peter's R. C. Church Queen of Angels Church 1861 44 Irvine Turner Blvd.
St. John's R. C. Church   1828-1847 22 Mulberry Street
St. Joseph's R. C. Church St. Joseph Plaza 1871-1880 221 W. Market Street
St. Lucy's R. C. Church   1926 Ruggiero Plaza n. 7th Avenue
St. Mary's Abbey Church   1857 King Blvd & William Street
St. Patrick's R. C. Pro-Cathedral   1850 Washington Street & Central Avenue
St. Rocco's R. C. Church   1927 208 Hunterdon Street
St. Stephan's United Church   1874 Ferry Street & Wilson Avenue
Second Reformed Church Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church (then) Ironbound Cultural Center (now) Igreja Assembleia de Deus 1849 176 Edison Place
South Baptist Church New Point Baptist Church 1850 17 E. Kinney Street
South Park Presbyterian Church abandoned 1855-1884 1035 Broad Street
Stanley Theater Newark Tabernacle 1927 985 South Orange Avenue
State Street School audiovisual center 1845 15 State Street
Sydenham House   1711 Old Road to Bloomfield n. Helier Parkway
Symington House St. Philip's Academy 1808 2 Park Place
Tiffany & Co. apartments 1892 820 Highland Avenue
Trinity & St. Philip's Episcopal Cathedral   1744-1809 Broad & Rector Streets (Military Park)
U.S. Post Office   1935 Federal Square, Franklin & Walnut Streets
Watts, Campbell Co.   1851 1270 McCarter Highway